Trades Centre
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The Trade and Development Studies Centre –Trust (TRADES CENTRE) is an independent research and training Centre incorporated and registered with Registrar of Deeds in Zimbabwe. It is a non-profit making organisation formed in the year 2000. It has a staff component of 12, comprising of a Director, 3 full time researchers, a Bookkeeper, an Information Officer and other support staff. It is controlled by a Board of Trustees whose members are eminent persons drawn from various sectors in Southern Africa. Trades Centre core activities are research, information dissemination and training. These are done at both national and regional levels in Eastern and Southern Africa.

TRADES CENTRE'S aim is to analyse trade and development issues from the perspectives of Southern Africa's poor communities, to explore the implications of the various international, regional and bilateral trade agreements, regional integration, national trade and development policies and other policy options on Southern Africa and our target groups.


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